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muk - 11/26/16 (64 sec)

Isin Önol invited me to participate at the 4th Biennale in Sinop, Turkey with my installation "skia"The Exhibition took place in an old prison in Sinop at the Black SeaSinopale 4 http://sinopale.orgIsin Önol


evrim kavcar - 03/19/17 (16 sec)

This is a small scale wind turbine built in collaboration with transformers I met during my participation in Sinopale 5."Wind! To yo and only to you I should belong" is a line from the poem "Wind" by the political prisoner & poet Sabahattin Ali who wa...

benbirbaskasi - 03/18/17 (169 sec)

“Ceza görmekte kişiyi aklayan bir şey vardı. İnsanın adaletli bir Tanrı'ya ettiği dua, 'Günahlarımızı affet,' değil de, 'Hatalarımız için bizi cezalandır,' olmalıydı.” ...


georg klein - 09/08/16 (300 sec)

Installation with 9 mirrors and 9 loud-speakers at a prison facade of the Sinop Kale Cezaevi.SINOPALE IIIArt Biennal Sinop/Turkey14th Aug.- 4th Sept. 2010www.sinopale.orgThe old prison of Sinop („Sinop Kale Cezaevi”) was one of the most famou...


FFUR - 12/28/16 (93 sec)

Curators: Francesco Ragazzi and Francesco UrbanoArtists: Francesco Bertelé and Eddie SpanierVideo by Francesco Urbano Ragazzil'Ile Flottante is a project conceived specifically for the IV Sinop Biennial. It consists in building a miraculously flo...


XsentrikArts - 03/29/17 (120 sec)

The Sea In Me is a documentary which tells the stories of the residents of a small coastal town. Their history, culture and way of living, which has evolved over centuries, based on a connection with the sea and nature, is being threatened by rapid and...

wegorythm - 04/16/16 (600 sec)

Radio Three Terzi is a Micropower Radio developed for the Sinop International Biennale Sinopale 5th Edition 2014, in Sinop Turkey from July to August 2014. The Project Radio Three Terzi involves largely a DIY-approach type of development based on Ardui...


ashley - 01/08/17 (194 sec)

Short made during a ten day residency in Sinop, Turkey, working with the history of Sinop's notorious prison, which was closed down in the late 1990s.


Eren Ileri - 03/19/17 (609 sec)

YxS KOOP 2014Sinopale 5